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If you're a new Handibotter, Hello! You're the proud new owner of a Handibot Adventure Tool and we look forward to working with you. Not only is the Adventure Edition Handibot a new kind of power tool, but you are one of the first users of the FabMo Digital Fabrication platform for running digital fab equipment.

We'll be using this NEWS App to keep you posted on what's happening.

Welcome to the Adventure!

The NEWS Is that there is a Major New Software Update for FabMo (Ver.1.6.0)

The update includes significant improvements and fixes to the FabMo software.

In the future, updates will happen straightforwardly using the Configuration Manager of the FabMo dashboard. But for this release, you will need to carry out the update from the Updater Window.

Instructions for carrying out the update are available from the Handibot docs site.

TO UPDATE: Go to: www.docs.handibot.com

Let us know if you have any problems.